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Complete Automated Die Shop with Cad-Cam System

Die Shop

We have a full-service die shop with the automated rule bending and die board cutting your job on-time and within your projected budget.

Design Department CAD/CAM and Samples

Once an order is in place, our CAD/CAM department develops a product sample or layout for client approval before we go into full production. This is not only cost-effective but speeds up the overall production of a job. We work with printers and graphic artists to import and export (Adobe) graphics and CAD files.

This allows the client to evaluate specs concerning their job before full production begins.

Globe Die Cutting technical staff utilize both PC and MAC formats.

  • Make vinyl for Die or Printing Preparation
  • Make exact samples and discs
  • Full-service die shop: Generate own die boards, automatic rule bending, counter plate and stripping dies

Additional Services

Complete hand assembly department for POS/POP displays, Hanging mobiles, Case, and counter displays, Easels, padding, Grommets, Stitching, Drilling, Eyeletting, Banding, Tabbing, Collating, Automatic Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Kleenstick permanent or removable. Hot or cold hand gluing, Wafer sealing.