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Capabilities and Services Offered


Complete Automated Die Shop with Cad-Cam System

  • Make vinyl for Die or Printing Preparation
  • Make exact samples and discs
  • Full-service die shop: Generate own die boards, automatic rule bending, counter plate and stripping dies


Die Cutting, Creasing, and Embossing

  • Four Bobst state of the art high speed die cutting presses. Including new automatic blanking press. Sheet size form 11 3/4 x 14″ up to 40″ x 56″.
  • 11 Hand Fed Clamshell presses sheet size up to 44″ x 66″.
  • All presses can process Paper, Cover Stock, Chip Board, Corrugated, Foam Core, Various Plastic Materials, Foam Products, Thin Plywood, Insulation AND Fire Resistant Papers.

Semi-Automatic Gold-Stamping Machines

  • Capable of stamping 1 up pieces or sheet size up to 33″ x 47″.


Automatic Gold-Stamping Machne – SP 126 BMA Bobst Foil Stamper


Mounting and Laminating

Hand Mounting:

  • Up to 41 x 65 sheet size
  • Normal paper and board, Corrugated, Foam Core, Foam Material, Plastics, etc
  • Min. Board .010. Min. Label 80# text

Automatic Mounting Machine:

  • Full Mount from 11″ x 16″ up to 40″ x 53 3/4″ Label
  • Spot Mounting. Label min 8 x8   max 40 x 53 3/4. Board min 14 x 15, max 48 x 63. Label max .012. Board min .030.
  • Can apply 8 x 8 label in register onto 48″ x 63″ sheet. Because of laminating action, minimum crush is put on flute, when using corrugated board.


Straight Cutting Machines

  • Three computer-controlled guillotine cutters


Gluing / Folding / Window Patch / Rigid Window

  • Four Bobst high speed folding and gluing machines up to 41″. Alpina Gyro 110-g, Two Media 100-111, and Media 100-11. Two Post Gluers up to 50″. Items we can glue include: Right Angle, Straight Line, Internal Dividers, Auto-Bottom, and 4 & 6 corner cartons. Two moll pocket folder gluers, for presentation and capacity folders. Vega Finester high-speed window patch machine, two international 5A Window Patch machines, Automatic insertion on our gluing equipment for insertion of PI’s, packets and CD’s. All gluing machines equipped with HHS glue scanners and barcode readers. Rigid Window Placement including single and double scored windows on our Rigid WIndow machines. Glue Sensors and Bar Code readers on gluers.
  • Pattern Gluer Up to 28″ x 40″. Any shape. Minimum thickness 010. Can glue any pattern.


Additional Services

Complete hand assembly department for POS/POP displays, Hanging mobiles, Case, and counter displays, Easels, padding, Grommets, Stitching, Drilling, Eyeletting, Banding, Tabbing, Collating, Automatic Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Kleenstick permanent or removable. Hot or cold hand gluing, Wafer sealing.