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Established in 1962, Globe Die Cutting Products has built its reputation by meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations. We believe your involvement in reaching our goal of 100% client satisfaction is crucial. We are a family owned and operated business. We take pride in the fact that we work on communication not only between our sales representatives, clients and potential customers, but as an organization, we encourage communication between staff, management, and our suppliers at every level. This is key to our success and a powerful tool in reaching solid business solutions.

We Specialize In:

Right Angle Folder/Gluers
Window Patching
Foil Stamping
Mounting and Laminating
• Automatic Die Cutting and Blanking
• Straight Cutters
Shrink Wrapping
• Manual Presses

Eye Letting
• Finishing Services
• Finishing for Commercial Printers
• Point of Purchase Displays
• Folding Cartons
• In-house CAD Design
• In-house Die Making

Let Globe Die Cutting sales representatives and production staff take the headache out of producing the products you need.

We offer simple to complex finishing services for the folding carton trade and commercial printers.  When a project has multiple facets or is very technically challenging, it usually ends up on our floor.

Most of our folding carton customers do not want to outsource production help. Yet, they come to us because we have assisted them and helped them out of a jam, and they realize that our goals and way of doing business coincides with their own.

Our success is only possible with our customers’ success.

Next time you have a technically challenging project, let us help you in making it a success.

Finishing for commercial printing is a common activity in our trade shop. This is the arena where we are frequently stimulated to innovate new products or re-work older concepts.

Of all the challenges facing our commercial printing customers, the most important is how to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack; with our support they can.

Much of the work we do is pharmaceutical or cosmetic related. We frequently design distribution kits and other three-dimensional promotional items.

Our state-of-art equipment allows automatic production of capacity envelopes, folders, and sleeves.

When you need to differentiate your end result, call us to review how our team can create an innovative solution that matches your needs.